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Opportunity Statements

Talking about career is talking about your life. There are hundreds of career options out there. Making a career change usually means investing both your time and money. As with any investment, it’s important to be informed before you make it. Many people go with their gut feelings, hoping that “do what you love and the money will follow” will hold true. That phrase should say, “…and the money may follow.”

Year 2006-2008 is about the oil price spike and the opportunity for being an expat is widely open!

Root Cause

  • Is a career change worth enough?
  • Some people say being an instrument / control / measurement engineer is better than a Cost Engineer?
  • Being a cost engineer is boring, most of the time you have to sit in the office playing with a lot of numbers.

 Develop Alternatives

Development of the outcomes

The most difficult decisions I have to face generally involve tradeoffs. We often want to accomplish many different but conflicting objectives at once. As a result, I have to weigh the importance of the objectives and the extent to which each alternative helps to accomplish these goals.

Focus: Proceed with Career Change

Minimum Acceptable requirements (as planned)


Analyze and compare the alternatives (as actual)

Most likely the decision will be Cost Engineer for going abroad but it’s not simple like that. The “Project Execution Plan” was developed to anticipate a “tradeoff” situation especially when dealing with family moving and all associated issues.

Develop preferred alternative 

Cost Engineer for going abroad, is this worth Doing?

Estimated revenue generated as per agreement is KWD 24,000 per year (no tax, fair for the eastern people) excluding annual leave and bonus which is variable depending on achievement and oil price.

Note: 1 KWD = 3.7 US$

The following summaries the information considered before it made as Go or No Go Decision:

Cons are mitigated under Risk Register.

Monitor and Evaluation (Post Mortem)

Tangible – revenue generated

The net income is higher than forecast due to:

  • 1 KWD is equal to Rp 30,000 as planned but the average during year 2006-2008 was Rp 35,000 and the peak at Rp 45,000 in Oct 2008.
  • 3 times bonus against the oil price US$ 147 / barrel in year 2007 and continue high up to Oct 2008.

Intangible – unquantified benefit

  • Transform knowledge from Instr. Engineer to Cost Engineer.
  • Adapted to Arabic working culture.
  • Resume is highly demanded in Middle East.

 The Facts

  • Reducing manpower when the oil price goes down at the end of year 2008.
  • Family doesn’t like living in Middle East.
  • Sometimes playing with numbers are boring and found the instrumentation & control is interesting.
  • Stay focus on Cost Engineering and find PDG in AACE class!


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About Candra Nugraha

I'am living in jakarta, indonesia
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2 Responses to W3_Candra Nugraha_It’s about Career

  1. DrPDG says:

    Awesome, Pak Candra!!!! I loved it!!

    Really nice use of a variety of different tools and I would urge you to revisit this topic later on, after you’ve finished Chapter 14. Applying multi-attribute decision making to this kind of problem is really perfect, because not all the elements needed to make this decision are financial. There are “intangibles” to consider.

    Anyway, you followed the 7 step process in an appropriate manner and as noted above, you really used a nice mix of tools/techniques to support your decision.

    Let me assure you that you should have no problems finding work in the area of “Project Controls” (don’t only search for “Cost Engineer” jobs as project controls is the more common job title they advertise for)

    Anyway, best of luck to you and keep up the excellent work on your blog postings.

    Looking forward to getting a rough draft of your paper shortly as well….

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

    • Candra says:

      Pak Paul, Thanks for the comments.
      I’m preparing the DA tools to face current condition due to oil price remain high for unknown time duration. Highly demanding skilled people in Middle East and North Africa as well as other region around the world.

      Again, the bottom line is WIIFM.

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