W3_Adi Nugroho_My New Refrigerator

Problem Statement

In the near future, my wife and I will occupy a new rented house. First thing to do, is to fill the house with some home appliances. As a young couple, our financial condition is in recovery, so we have to spend our money wisely to buy them. One of the most important houseware that become our first priority is a refrigerator. There are various brands and types of refrigerator in the market. We need to select the most appropriate brand and type of refrigerator base on our needs and limited budget.

Alternative Solutions

After conduct some market surveys, there are some alternatives of refrigerator brands and types which comply with our needs and budget.

  1. Panasonic : NR-A17AD-S
  2. Sanyo  : SR-D190F
  3. Sharp : SJ-M170
  4. Toshiba : GR-N185BCH

Selection Criteria

  1. Price
  2. Power consumptions
  3. Capacity
  4. Waranty

Analysis and Comparison of Alternatives

Alternatives A B C D
Brand Panasonic  NR-A17ADS Sanyo  SR-D190F Sharp  SJ-M170 Toshiba  GR-N185BCH
Type 1-Door Refrigerator 1-Door Refrigerator 1-Door Refrigerator 1-Door Refrigerator
Price Rp 1,690,000 Rp 1,550,000 Rp 1,415,000 Rp 1,450,000
Power Consumptions 67 Watt 29 Watt 67 Watt 25 Watt
Capacity 150 Ltr 172 Ltr 170 Ltr 160 Ltr
Waranty 1 Years 3 Years 5 Years 3 Years
Non CFC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Special Feature Double Rotation Compressor (DRC) technology Anty rust PCM body Direct Cooling System Ultra Direct Cooling / Maxi Freezer

Using Grid Analysis
Grid Analysis Unweighted
Alternatives Drivers
Price Power Consumptions Capacity Waranty
A 1 2 1 2
B 2 3 4 3
C 4 2 3 4
D 3 4 2 3

Legend (Order of Best Value):
Price: 4=Cheapest, 3=Cheap, 2=Expensive, 1=Most Expensive
Power consumptions : 4=Very Low, 3=Low, 2=Medium, 1=High
Capacity : 4=Very Large, 3=Large, 2=Medium, 1=Small
Waranty : 4=5 years, 3=3 years, 2=1 year

Using Grid Analysis

Grid Analysis Weighted

Alternatives Drivers Total
Price Power Consumptions Capacity Waranty
A 4 6 2 2 14
B 8 9 8 3 28
C 16 6 6 4 32
D 12 12 4 3 31
Legend (Order of Importance)
Very high: 4 (Price)
High: 3(Power   Consumptions)
Medium: 2 (Capacity)
Low: 1 (Waranty)

Selection of the preferred alternatives

Based on the Grid Analysis above. Alternative C ranked highest in score therefore is the preferred alternative.

Performance Monitoring & Post Evaluation of Results

Full Utilization of Capacity,make sure if it can store monthly food stock.
Check the compressor after the end of the waranty period
Periodically check the quality of food/beverages stored in the refrigerator.


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1 Response to W3_Adi Nugroho_My New Refrigerator

  1. DrPDG says:

    EXCELLENT, Mas Adi!!!! Just what I am looking for at this point…… Simple problem, showing a very clear understanding of how to apply and use this powerful analysis tool.

    And you have followed the Step by Step process very nicely…..

    For future postings, I would like to see you raising the sophistication of the problems and I would also like to see you exploring other tools/techniques from your Skills and Knowledge or Humphrey’s or Engineering Economics.

    Keep up the good work…. You are definitely on the right track so stay with the what you are doing….

    Dr. PDG, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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