W.5_Lilly Wasitova_ How to Get Competent Resources?

Problem Statement

At one time there was an additional head count requirement put forward to the Human Resource Department at the beginning of the year, to provide the resource mainly to support the business expansion and Project/Operational Engineering for respective Product Port Folio, as below:

This situation is giving the opportunity to look at the “Make or Buy” concept in terms of providing the competent resources. Competent in this case means engineers having adequate ability or quality proven with B-Level Certification of respective product port folio.

 Alternative Solutions

With the given head-count requirements and the option of “Make or Buy”, in which “make” would mean, build/have the competence in-house and “buy” would mean to buy the service of competencies from out-sourcing (head hunters or other service provisioning companies), several factors need to be considered, such as:

  1. The Qualitative (Quality) Attribute, meaning the proof of competence relevance to the requirements
  2. The Quantitative (Time and Cost), regarding the time and budget to acquire the resources
  3. Entry Requirements
  4. Specific Product Attributes

Selection Criteria

 In order to assess the possibilities, the first step is to list the pros and contras between the Make/Build and Buy by looking from the management point of view, as the following table:

Analysis and Comparison of Alternatives

For more detail requirement analysis, two main attributes of resources are compiled as below:

The feasible ranges for each product port folio and considering the factors of Technology Application in Country and Technical Complexity gives us the Specific Attributes for minimum Knowledge Level Requirement as follows:

Selection of the preferred alternatives

The first selection to the decision is very much influenced by the Attributes Time and Quality aka Competency through the technical complexity from the product port folios. Even though the budget was not allocated at the beginning, management still has the ability to use the contingency. The combination of Time and Technical Complexity using the Satisficing Noncompensatory Model will look as below:

Performance Monitoring & Post Evaluation of Results

From the pros and contras, actually the most likely decision will have to be to “make/build” the resources, since it ensures the quality of the resources by having the In-House Certification which will be directly related to each product port folio. At the other side “make/build” has the consequence of providing the competent resources that can coup high technical complexity within 2 (two) months.

In conclusion to the situation of how to get competent resources is:

  1. To “make/build” the resources to be able to directly control the quality of their competency, since the probability of buying is becoming very low due to the fact that some product port folios are new in the market and most of them have a medium to high technical complexity.
  2. To establish a crash program that:
  • Can cover competence built up for high technical complexity related to a certain product port folio within 2 (two) months.
  • Can have enough candidates to be selected, in order to fulfill the total resource requirements of 35+51 Engineers.
  • Can find suitable trainers for each product port folios
  • Can monitor the selected candidate’s performance
  • Can minimize the cost for obtaining those resources


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1 Response to W.5_Lilly Wasitova_ How to Get Competent Resources?

  1. DrPDG says:

    AWESOME, Bu Lilly!!!! Another outstanding posting on your part……

    Any chance you can reach Pak Teguh or Pak Erwin and mentor them? Pak Budhi too could use some guidance…..

    If you mentor someone, I am happy to allow BOTH of you to claim that one posting- the person who actually wrote it and the person who mentored them….

    Work SMART, not HARD…….

    Keep up the OUTSTANDING “leadership by example”. and I hope to be seeing some drafts of everyone’s paper shortly?

    Again, very impressive piece of work, Bu L and look forward to seeing you grow in your skills and confidence…

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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