W.6_David King_Instant Income Dillemma – Mentored by CN

Problem Recognition, Definition, and Evaluation

As I have been unemployed for several weeks now, I need to find a new source of income to provide for my family.

Development of the feasible alternatives

  1. Find a new job with a large company in Indonesia.
  2. Find a new job with a small company in Indonesia.
  3. Find a new job outside Indonesia.
  4. Get accepted for a graduate program and take out a student loan.

Develop Cash flows for each outcome

  1. Finding a new job in Indonesia is a challenge as an expatriate. I meet all the minimum requirements to work in Indonesia, but to find a company willing to give me an expatriate package is a different story. Since I am already here I would take a local package. To find work with a large company in Indonesia, it would take building a network with large Indonesian firms. I can do this several times a month, but it would cost about $300 months to attend all the events and will take several months to possibly get something out of it.
  2. I can look for a small company to hire me in Indonesia, but I would have to sacrifice pay and have a lot of trust in this company and the people that run the company. There are many risks involved with being hired by a local company, but I would also get greater freedom, trust, and responsibility. To find a job like this would require a different type of networking combined with the networking from alternative 1 and would probably cost me an additional $100 a month from alternative 1 and will take several months as well.
  3. I am open to working anywhere that won’t get me killed. The problem is to get a job is a job which requires a lot of phones calls, networking, and using people who I previously worked with for future opportunities. I estimate that I would run up a $50 phone bill a month on international calls combined with 6-8 hours a day at 7 days a week for several months.
  4. I am open to expanding my knowledge and the opportunities available with a graduate degree. As well I can get an additional loan to cover my current expenses while waiting for additional work which will eventually pay off the loan. It will cost about $200 between all fees involved with setting it up; however, it will take several weeks to get setup.

Selection of the criterion


Attribute Rank Alternative Rank
Cost 3 Alternative 4 > Alternative 3 > Alternative 1 > Alternative 2
Cash Flow 1 Alternative 4 > Alternative 3 = Alternative 1 > Alternative 2
Time/Speed 2 Alternative 4 > Alternative 3 > Alternative 2 = Alternative 1


Analysis and comparison of the alternatives

Due to my current financial situation of having no cash coming in, positive cash flow is important even if I have to pay it back later. The other alternatives all take cash with no guarantee of how much or when cash will be coming in.

Selection of the preferred alternative

Alternative 4 wins by dominance of all other alternatives. It has the lowest cost and is the soonest to bring in positive cash flow.

Performance monitoring and post evaluation results

The other alternatives would have posed more of a probability of effecting the outcome to a different alternative if the time it takes to get a job wasn’t so long or difficult. If any of the job opportunities were able to deliver in a more timely fashion then it would have been in my best interests to seek income from a job. However, there is no reason why I can’t have a job, and continue my education.

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1 Response to W.6_David King_Instant Income Dillemma – Mentored by CN

  1. DrPDG says:

    You are picking such really great problems but it concerns me that you are not really demonstrating the application of the “right” or “best” tools/techniques to solving your problem.

    Part of the problem is you are looking for a JOB and speaking quite candidly, unless you find one via networking, your CV qualifies you only for some very narrow niche jobs. There are at least four alternatives that you have not considered:
    1) Finding a job teaching English (i.e. English First or Wall Street Institute) which is what many Expats do when they are unemployed;
    2) Becoming a CONTRACTOR, finding potential projects, then bidding on them (like we did in East Timor) thereby CREATING a job for yourself;
    3) Becoming an entrepreneur and going into some business.
    4) Picking a “temporary job” in a NEW sector (say oil, gas or mining) that is LOWER than what you technically qualify for, but will provide you with some experience to expand or build your CV.

    I am willing to ACCEPT this posting, that you repost it as a new posting under the following conditions-
    1) You explore other alternatives beyond a JOB
    2) You apply the Compensatory Decision making tools (both of them)

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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